All in One Technology

Our future is coming. It would totally changed the way we communicate, we share, we do, and we live our life. These are the videos that presented the vision of our future life using this kind of technologies. I called it as ALL IN ONE TECHNOLOGY.
First of all,  I would show you the two videos that provides amazing all touch screen thing which are integrated in cabinet, refrigerator, table, book, classroom board, forest, and many aspects of our life which are integrated as one part of technology. It definitely change the way we share information effectively in a second without any barrier of different gadget or bluetooth. It just one slap away. In addition, this technology also help us to save our environment by deleting the use of paper in classroom and offices replaced by a ‘sheet’ of powerful transparant glass. However, for sure, we should ensure that the glass are made from materials that do not damage our environmental aspects.  Then, I am just afraid this kind of product would just ‘delete’ the use of the other gadget which made us stick to ONE and only product and we would say good bye to the other technologies. Our dependence  would make the glass is the key of everything and if we lose it, then you will face lots of inability in your life.
A day Made of Glass

Productivity Future Vision

Then,  Sight technology where everyone could play game the whole life, 24/7. You live in gamified life which make you feel more in your life. With a softlens in your eyes, you will see the world differently. Everything you do are praised, corrected, and assessed by computer technologies which give you direction what you should do more or less. You live a life of fun competition, achieving new level of your own area. You can choose what kind of human you wanna be and interact with your friends who have the same choices and compete to be a leaderboard. Through your eyes, you could access unlimited information and communication such as  TV, games, and comments. No more internet, computer, gadget needed. Everything lies on your eyes. You have everything just when you open your eyes. Positively, it made everything so simple. You don’t need anything. You just need your softlens then you get it all. Definitely, it seems a ‘green’ technology which save environment. Negatively, it make everything in your life just a game and it will cast away intrinsic commitment, seriousness, and truth from your life as you can see in this video.

Finally, we should realize that this kind of future is coming soon because of its simplicity and effectiveness. But,  this all in one technology make us all in ONE family that depends on them

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