9 Reasons to Choose Apple Music

50 Million Songs. Original Shows. Human Curated Content and more. Here are my 9 reasons to choose Apple Music

1. 50 Million Songs on iOs & Android

With 1 month (Indonesia) free trial to stream ad-free 50 Million music, videos, and exclusive shows that can be accessed across your device (iOs & Android), Rp 49.000 / months (individual subscription) & Rp 75.000 (family subscription up to 6 people) is definitely the best way to appreciate artists around the world to create more and more amazing content.

2. Download & Share Your Song

You can easily download the song you love, add to your personalised playlist and share your songs to your friends as easy as clicking three dots on right bottom side of the song. Don’t forget to love the song if you really like it so your Apple Music will search & recommend smartly music you love!

3. Find Your Download Music Easily on Library

You can easily find your downloaded playlists, artists, albums, songs, TV & movies, and music under Library menu. All is organised in super simple, white, and clean category which help you navigating your download content.

4. Customised Music Made For You

I love how Apple Music recommended music just for me based on the content I love the most. Obviously, Apple Music smartly search it based on the songs you played the most.

You will find them organised based on : New Music Mix, What My Friends are Listening to, and Recently Played, Heavy Rotation (songs that I play the most), Specific Day Album, Artist Spotlight Playlist , & New Release (that I might like).

5.Browse Everything You Love about Music

Browsing songs in Apple Music will definitely bring you to another level of music discovery. You can easily featured music / video, hot playlist, new single, daily Top 100, best of the weeks which push you to discover curated and popular the best music around the world.

When you keep scrolling down, you will find the best songs based on genres, moods, top charts, and music videos you can search.

Khalid & Billie Eilish Exclusive Interview

6. Sing Along with Easy to Find Lyric

You can easily sing along by clicking the three red dot at the right bottom corner of the song and choose lyrics. Most of the song in Apple Music has this feature so be ready to lose yourself in the music.

7. Exclusive Human Curated Content on Radio

Radio station is definitely one of the most stand out feature on Apple Music. Beats 1 Radio is perfect example of incredible radio station that use human touch and live curation of popular songs, exclusive interview and video from popular artists.

Beats 1 on Radio

8. Search Simply

The simplicity of searching feature on Apple Music will allow you just typing one word and let your apple music search the most relevant songs for your you.

9. Discover New Music from Your Friends!

You will have your own personalised profile which allow people to follow you and you can also browse your friends to see songs & playlist they stream (if they open it to public) so you will get to know more songs from your friends! Don’ forget to follow me!

If you need more information about Apple Music, please feel free to reach me out on steven.sutantro@gmail.com


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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