1. Google Expedition

Bringing DNA, Volcanoes, and Tornadoes into the classroom with the power of AI technology!

2. Google Art & Culture

Create AR gallery of art with the world famous painting to your classroom.

3. Google Maps

Google Maps AR will change the way you get direction on your Google Maps

4. Google Translate

Scan text / pictures using your phone to get translation of the text.

5. Just a Line

Make a simple drawing with the power of AI on your mobile phone!

6. Starchart

7. 3D Brush

Draw using your fingers with magical brushes on your mobile phone!


8. Lightspace

Move around to paint with the coolest brushes on your mobile phone.


8. Measure

Only available on iOS, this app can scan 3d object and measure it accurately!

9. NormanAR

Create animations with NormanAR !

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