9 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps + Web + Tools You Can Try Now!

Get the best and fun AI experiences by install/open/download this app on your mobile phone/computer!

1. Google Assistant & Google Home

Here are some questions/commands you can ask to Google Assistant/Home:

Art & Lifestyle:

  1. Give me birthday quote
  2. Talk to bible verse of the day
  3. Talk to Lord’s prayer
  4. Ask Quote of the Day to Get a Quote
  5. Talk to Get Motivated
  6. Ask Dress Right for Outfit Idea
  7. Aks a Morning Prayer
  8. Ask Interesting Quote
  9. Watch YouTube video

Communication & Information

  1. Any banks nearby?
  2. Send message
  3. Send an email to mum
  4. What’s 10000 Indonesian Rupiah in euros
  5. Good morning in Korean
  6. Ask Smart Story Teller
  7. Any nearby cafe/gas station/ATM
  8. Show me photos in Manila
  9. Flight status QG 725
  10. Covert meter to mile
  11. Tell me today’s news
  12. Find recipe
  13. Set Alarm
  14. Check weather
  15. Reminder


  1. Tell me a Joke
  2. How’s duck sound
  3. Play relaxation sounds
  4. Flip a coin
  5. What kind of assistant are you?
  6. Are you feeling lucky?
  7. Countdown timer
  8. Play music

2. Story Speaker

Story Speaker give you the power to write a story in a Google Docs, and talk to your Google home to write your own story. It’s definitely a must use app for story tellers!


2. Autodraw

Google Autodraw let you create visual image using AI technology that match what you sketch to visual objects. Everyone Can Draw!


3. Quick, Draw!

This app will try to make a super quick guess of what you draw. Test your drawing skills and let the AI guess it for you!

4. Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Find emoji in the real world with your phone’s camera!

5. Cartoonify

Upload an image and check out how AI cartoonify your image:

6. Talk to Books

Search passage from any books around the world using AI!

7. MixlabM

Mix different instruments with your voice & make your own song with the power of AI. You can use Google Home / Assistant to try it!

8. Thing Translator

Scan any object and let AI guess and translate it for you!

9. Girgio Cam

This app allows AI to make a music & recognize label and turn it into song lyrics.


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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