9 Best Apps & Tools For Creating Your Own Virtual Reality (VR)

1. Google Streetview

The most simple app you can download to create Virtual Reality / 360 photos. All you need to do is to click camera, capture photos & connect the dots. Unfortunately, you need to make sure your phone camera has gyroscopic feature that allow you to capture 360 image. Watch the video to use Google Streetview.

2. Ricoh Theta 360 Camera

This is the easiest tool to create 360 image. All you need to is to turn on the camera and just choose between photo or video (Yes, you can create 360 video too using this tool! Once you click it, then the camera automatically capture 360 image or video.

Ricoh Theta V

3. Theta

Then, to get your 360 photo, download Ricoh Theta app on your android / iOs so you can transfer the photo by connecting your phone wifi to ricoh theta 360 wifi. Voila, you will get your 360 photo!

Transfer your images from Ricoh Theta to your phone

4. Theta+

Also don’t forget to download Theta+ to edit your 360 photo more amazing for your showcase. There are lots of editing and enhancing tools you can choose. You can also insert animation effect to make your 360 photo more dynamic!

Edit your 360 photos

5. Google Maps

You can publish your 360 photos both from your streetview and ricoh theta to Google Maps as you can simply click add photos on the location where you captured the 360 moments.

6. Google Tour Creator

Google Tour Creator

Upload your 360 Photos and add some information/description for each picture. If you have more than one picture, you can keep adding scenes to showcase series of 360 tour.

7. Poly

Poly : A Place where you can publish 360 tour

After you finish, you click publish so you can see it on Poly.

My 360 Tour on Poly

8. Google Expeditions

Google Expedition Library

One of the coolest feature of Tour Creator is they sync automatically with your Google Expeditions library so once you upload your VR to Tour Creator & publish it on poly , you can also see them on Google Expeditions. Here are my tours on the Google Expeditions.

Google Expedition

9. Google Expeditions Kit

The last but not the least, you will need to get Google Expedition Kit which include Google Cardboard, Integrated Router, Student Device to experience full immersive virtual reality experience. My best recommended kit will be from the Google Expedition Kit:LumosVR!

Bonus: More VR Resources : Visit EduCreate by Geoff Derri !



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