7 Things to Do to Welcome Your Students

Ready to start your 1st day of school ?
Here’s simple what I did  to make it simple and powerful on my 1st day of school.
1. Welcoming your students!
With your own style & originality, welcome your students with simple and meaningful card like this:
Welcome X5 (1) Welcome Letter (3)
As I love technology for education, Apple product, and simplicity, I made this simple welcoming card to make sure students know their ‘crazy’ homeroom teachers. Include your partners as well. I posted both on wall and personal letters.
2. Reflect : Holiday Vs School
Relate to their holiday experiences. Explain why they need to leave that ‘ honeymoon’.

3. Honest (Fun) Truth about What They will Learn
Review some honest truth what they’re going to learn in this class. What challenges they need to conquer. What exciting things they will face. Use some jokes & fun things to illustrate the experience.
4. Positive Expectation
Tell your students to what you expect them to be and to do. Make it specific and memorable.
Make ESSENTIAL AGREEMENT  if they violate your procedures & rules. Make sure they fully aware and understand why it’s needed.
I personally use this simple quote that challenge my students to THINK. As Family has their own rules & consequences, your class need to have consistent rule & consistence.
winner loser

Here’re some important rules:

– On Time

– Appropriate Student Looks

–  Common Problem & Solutions (Bullying, Grouping, Relationship, Teacher’s Problem, Remidial)

– Appropriate Response on Teachers & Students.

Above all, challenge the students to reflect the meaning of why they need to obey the rule.

5. Goal Setting
Set what you want to achieve together as a class. In my school, we used 3 R principle as basis for students’ reflection. Students are challenged to reflect what they could do to implement 3R:

1. Respect: Ways to respect God, parents teachers, friends  and themselves.

2. Responsibility: Ways to responsible on what they are asked to do in school.

3. Ready: Ways to be on time, excited, and diligent in learning

Make sure the goal is broken down into this:

6.  It’s more than class, it’s family
It’s really crucial to let your students know and understand that we’re family and your class is HOME. Here’s some quotes that might be helpful to let them know:
7. Build  Communication
Let your students know different ways of how you want to build communication. State clearly the boundaries and purpose in the communication. Be transparant and encourage them to share their unique characteristics, strength and weakness.

Finally, make sure your 1st day of school leave the BEST impression that leave your students with meaningful message.


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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  1. Srinawati says:

    Hey Steve:
    They are all good stuffs here. I’d like to add one more thought.
    One thing I always remember what my teacher told when I was in elementary school is learning things gradually, not at the night before exams. She simply stated that this: 5 x 1 is better than 1 x 5; in other words, learning five days of one page, one article, or one lesson etc of each day is better than learning five pages, five articles, or five lessons etc in one night. A good way to welcome and motivate your students.

  2. Srinawati says:

    And as far as technology and high tech stuffs are only good when one knows how to apply them. So students as well as teachers must familiarize themselves with those gadgets.

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