7 Creative Activities for The First Day of School

These are the 7 creative & simple activities you can do with your students on the first day of school!  Some activity require apps/technology tools which can enrich your learning experience. However, you can use this strategy without technology or any technology you have at your own school, just steal the idea and adapt it with your own strategy!

1. Express First Day Feeling

You can ask your students to share their feeling on their First Day of School. To make it more interactive, you can utilize Nearpod to engage your students to share their feeling with their gadget. Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool which can engage your students through multiple activities such as polling, drawing, and questions.
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.45.10 PM
You can also ask your students to draw something to express their feeling 🙂
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.48.26 PM
Alternative : You can also use Google Forms or pollseverywhere or Kahoot to survey students feeling on their first day of school.

2. Challenge Your Students with Brain Teaser

Stretch students’ curiosity with some of brain teaser question like below picture. Again, I use Nearpod just to show this simple brain teaser for my students!
Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.49.14 PM

3. Play Find Someone Who…

It’s time to find what makes your students so special by playing “Find someone who…”. You can print this card and assign the students to complete all the box here! By doing this, students could get better understanding about their friends and YOU!
You add more FUN by asking them to selfie with their friends and upload them on Google Slides!Social Studies Orientation- Subject Teacher

4. Show Inspiring Video 

Show inspiring video with YouTube that will challenge them to grow to be a better person this year. This year, I chose Mandy Harvey’s audition on America’s Got Talent which totally inspiring me and definitely will inspire students to learn the meaning of ‘TRY‘ and ‘NOT GIVING UP’.
Don’t forget to ask your students to respond what are the biggest lesson they learned from the video! There’re also other video you can explore to start exciting discussion with your students!

The Story Behind Mandy Harvey’s Inspiring Talent

5. Discuss Growth Mindset 

After watching Mandy Harvey’s video, you can also engage your students to discuss the importance of Growth Mindset with your students. Ask students to reflect specific aspects they can practice this school academic year. I embed @SylviaDuckworth poster to my nearpod and ask the students to choose Growth Mindset questions they need to work on. This activity will be a moment for students to reflect their commitment to start their first day of school with Growth Mindset. You can collect Nearpod/Forms/Kahoot! to collect their response.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 2.50.17 PM

6. Set Collaborative High Expectation 

I challenge my students to put ADJECTIVES about “What kind of  GREAT teachers and what kind of GREAT classmate they need to be successful in this class.” You can use Google Slides/Google Keeps/ Nearpod/ Pollseverywhere/Google Classroom to collaborate with your students. This activity will help students to set high expectation both for teachers and their classmates to have to be a successful learner.
Social Studies Orientation- Subject TeacherSocial Studies Orientation- Subject Teacher (1)

7. Record Students’ Commitment

Amplify students’ commitment on their first day of school with FlipGrid. FlipGrid is amazing app for recording students’ short video. You can make this as part of their homework which will be exciting activities for both students and parents.
This is what I plan to ask with FlipGrid. I want them to share their plan to become a great students through recording their one minute video.
Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.39.37 PM
Imagine after they finished their school year, they can rewatch their commitment to be great students and they can evaluate how they have achieved what they share on the video in Flipgrid.
If you’re interested to explore about Flipgrid, you can go to www.flipgrid.com and here’s simple poster of how to start your own Flipgrid:


If you’re planning to use at least one of my ideas OR you have other creative ideas for your first day of school, please feel free to share your First day of School ideas by clicking this Flipgrid link: flipgrid.com/a2335c.
[You can use Bahasa Indonesia / English to share your ideas!]
Let’s inspire one another to have greater first day of school!
Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 7.08.16 PM.png
Or if you want to share great apps for starting your first day of school, share here: https://flipgrid.com/b7eabb
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Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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