6 Lessons from GEG Indonesia Workshop

Overcoming Indonesian teachers resistance of learning new technology for education requires collaboration of committed teachers who dedicate their passion to start a change. This is the main reasons why Google Educator Group called champion teachers from all over Indonesia to bring changes to learn, share, inspire, and empower each other to maximize the use of technology.

On July 15-16, most GEG Leaders attended the 1st Champion Teacher Workshop at Google Indonesia. The training begin with introduction of GEG Leader members with the name of super power they have as teacher. For me, my super power is Yellow & Young Man. By staying young, I can easily connect to my students world and make learning more relevant and meaningful.

1. Google Culture

The session continued with Google Culture presented by Pepita Gunawan, Google Indonesia Education division that share meaningful insight about Google. It’s amazing to see how Google challenges the old thinking about working that used to be boring and monotonous. In Google, working is doing something you like and in doing so, you get a lot of autonomy and independence to maximize your potential and talent. Honest feedback for leaders also another great part when leaders need to learn accepting feedback from their people to be a better leader.  How cool is that?

2. SAMR Training Model

Teachers & Schools usually pass SAMR model to integrate technology in their class. From substitute technology, additional functional change, significant modification, and inconceivable new tasks, teachers learned how to maximize the full power of technology.  Inserting this element in your training enable you identify on which level your participants are. It also help you designing training materials that suit the the best.

After we learned this topic, we got a challenge to create Google Slide to present activity that reflect SAMR Skill Sets. In 20 minutes, we made a simple slide about Google Hangout training model  based on SAMR model. Here’s our awesome slide:

Hangout-Group 3 Steven, Rahmad, Rochman (1)

3. Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic Training

In the next session, we learned how to create training strategies that facilitate Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners in training teachers. At that time, we got another challenge to design Hangout Training activities that involve this VAK element. Specifically, we were very interested to explore the kinesthetic learning type as it involves a lot of dynamic activity that move people to be actively involved.

Hangout-Group 3 Steven, Rahmad, Rochman

The coolest part of this training, we got a chance to plan this training together in group. Hey, this is group, Pak Rochman and Pak Rahmad.  Our group name:  Red, Yellow, and Blue Group 🙂

4. GEG MeetUp Ideas

In group, we’re also challenged to brainstorm ideas for future GEG MeetUps. By playing busy bee game, we got so many insight from other groups to make our GEG MeetUps much more relevant and creative. We came up with the most brilliant ideas ever to make learning and sharing more fun in GEGs:

Hangout-Group 3 Steven, Rahmad, Rochman (2)

1. GEG PicNic: We can go out together and take picture while teaching Google Photos to teachers. Bringing your students could add some fun too!

2. Collaborative Event with Informal Learning Institution such as homeschool and tutoring instutions.

3. Pre & Post Survey: Identifying your fellow trainers & group leaders!

4. On Air MeetUp : Arranging MeetUp with Hangout!

Here’s GEG West Jakarta Hangout MeetUp.

Look forward to arrange Google Hangout with other leaders!

5. Training Simulation

In the very last session, we do training simulation that involve SAMR & VAK Elements.

My group got Google Hangout Training Session Simulation. We made two groups do Hangout Video Call and make simple & funny game which bring all the leaders to maximize the use of Google Hangout to communicate their ideas with video call. With a “Guess a word from movement” game, we involved leaders to move around and guess meaning of words using Google Hangout.

Here’s our slide for Hangout Training
(My favorite part is the countdown timer that make this training go crazy! ):

I also learned a lot from the other group training simulation that inspired me to make training more fun!

6. GEG Indonesia Leaders Sharing

Moving the unmovable.  I used pencil analogy to illustrate our teacher condition right now.

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (6)

To move the unmovable teachers, we need to enable teachers:

1. Build Digital Interaction

2. Collaborate

3. Be accessible

4. Spread the change

5. Lead the Change

Here’s my slide:

Listening to GEG story in different region has been one of the most inspiring moments from me. I got clearer pictures about real situation of Indonesian education. Internet connection, school support, and teachers participation are the main issues for driving changes in technology and education. Surely, we have still a lot of homework to improve Indonesian education but I am positive together we can make the change happens!

Finally, it was an honor for me to be part of GEG BIG Family. We’re all in this awesomeness together and that what makes us strong! I learn a lot from GEG Leader stories, struggle, and survival to bring changes to their local community. I am very excited to meet, learn, and collaborate with them again!

See you again #ChangeMakers!