3 Reasons Why You Should Join EdTech in Action at GESS Indonesia

Meet Disruptive Educators. Learn from Students Maker Space & STEAM Project. Experience Playground of learning. Here are the 3 best reasons you should not miss EdTech in Action at GESS Indonesia!

1. Meet Disruptive School Leaders & Educators

It’s not EVERYDAY you will meet inspiring educators & school leaders who passionately disrupt teaching & learning for students. Leaving their comfort zone, these fearless educators worked hard to challenge the flow to bring the future of learning which include relevant life-skills workforce preparation, emergent technologies, digital responsibilities, and innovative pedagogies.

These exactly why we started EdTech in Actions Conference together at GESS Indonesia to provide a space for champion educators get together, exchanged ideas, and inspire each other.
It’s truly hard to find the same level of energy and enthusiasm that will challenge you to grow to become better educators.

Here are some inspiring educators and leaders who shared how they prepared their students for uncertain future at EdTech in Action at GESS Indonesia 2019.

Mahrukh Bashir

I’ve never seen anyone like Mahrukh Bashir, champion school leaders, educators, and mentors who’s not only start TED Ed Club in her school but also train, prepare, and equip her students for the biggest TED Ed stage in New York. Beyond that, Mahrukh is the first cohort of TED Ed Innovative Educator who successfully got TEDx Youth license and launched TEDx Youth Lazuardi. Now, she is making her dream come true : starting her own school named: Millennia World School , an innovative school that focus on experiential learning approaches, lifelong learning skills, meaningful and happy lives. During the EdTech in Action, we were blown away as she revealed her inspiring journey to start TED Ed Club, participate TED Ed Innovative Educator program and launch TEDx Lazuardi.

Craig Hansen

Craig Hansen is one of the most down to earth educator, school leader, coach who will pushed you to achieve possibilities. As Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer, Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, he consistently implemented various digital technologies such as Flipgrid, Code.Org, Microsoft Immersive Reader to amplify students’ voice and learned coding independently. It’s always exciting to meet Craig as every time you talk to him, you will always be energised by the way he talked to you about his passion and ideas.

Marcello Stanley

Marcello Stanley has contagious energy when he talks about robotics. His strong passion in Robotics truly inspired teachers to bring their ICT lessons to the next level. His pre-robotic session introduced a new way of integrating natural science to programming to open more exciting possibilities. With his knowledge and experience using multiple platforms, Marcello prepared his students for future challenges that are not yet existed.

Hedy Lim

As super experienced and lifelong learner Math teacher, I have never doubted Hedy’s passion in introducing new way of learning Mathematics using technology. Using Sphero robot, Hedy shared how she translated mathematics concept into algorithms and patterns. Integrating technology in Math has never been so exciting in Mrs.Hedy’s class!

Ines Setiawan

Fighting for the access of high quality professional development, Ines fearlessly break the boundaries to create affordable online and onsite training for educators, parents and students. Her unstoppable spirit to push beyond the limits really inspired everyone whom she met to do more for education.


With strong experience as an educator, lecturer, teacher trainer, developer, Sunardi has always become the most humble, fun, friendly and lifelong learner educator I’ve ever met. In his session at GESS Indonesia, Sunardi shared his empowering stories to start digital classroom with Artificial Intelligence + Coding to encourage teachers to use relevant technology and inspire students to become future problem solvers. Always feeling excited after meeting Sunardi!


Fedora brings her curriculum & teaching and learning expertise at GESS as she shared a new way to create interactive presentation using mentimeter. This app is fun, engaging, easy-to-use presentation software for leaders, educators, and speakers. The session inspired participants to change the ways they present their content in more meaningful way using technology.

and many more! Check out the below posts to meet more inspiring educators!

2. Learn from Students’ Makerspace & STEAM Project

This year’s GESS theme “What will you create?” set the whole new standard for us to challenge our participants to rethink how they should empower their students beyond consuming digital media, but making their learning more meaningful and relevant with maker-space & STEAM based Learning. And yes, we don’t want to just tell you, we want to show what it looks like. That’s why we successfully bring three champion school educators & leaders along with their students to show you how it works in their schools.

Reinvent Makerspace with Recycled Materials

Zizo and his students bring out the best element of their makerspace to share untold stories of making, prototyping, and tinkering with recycled materials. By letting his students sharing about what they’re doing at school, Zizo successfully inspired educators the power of maker spaces to spark creativity and curiosity. Through sharing inspiring, practical, and fun aspects of maker-space together with his students, many educators learned that it does not take expensive or costly materials & complicated stuff to start your own maker-space. In fact, Zizo started his maker-space with limited budget and recyled materials. If they can do it, you can do it too!

Tiny & Mighty. That’s How You Started Digital Making.

Portable. Affordable. Possible. If you want to introduce digital making to your students, look no further than Microbit. That’s what I learned when Gusman and his students. They exhibited their innovative projects using Microbit to apply STEAM based learning at EdTech in Action. I am extremely inspired to learn from Gusman’s students as they shared science experiences through Microbit. Everyone can be a digital maker!

“The micro:bit is a small computer that is fantastic for introducing beginners to coding, electronics and digital making.”

STEAM in National Curriculum Lesson, Why Not?

Many people have told me about STEAM but Bu Andri & Bu Irma successfully showed me how it’s done in super simple ways with the help of free apps. Students at Lazuardi Al Falah school should be forever thankful to have innovative educators like Ibu Irma & Andri who embed STEAM based learning to their school curriculum. They both change the way students applied what they have learned in Math & Social Studies with technology.

Ibu Irma reimagined the way students learned Geography by challenging her students to build 3d modelling to visual geographical force so they can turn abstract concept they learned from the book to concrete forms in real life. Meanwhile, Ibu Andri redefined the way students learned Math by integrating Google Sheets to help them calculate what they eat to have healthier life. What I love the most about them is how they allow students amplifying students voice to share what they learned from STEAM based learning experience.

3. Experience Playground of Learning with Green Screen, VR, AR, & Digital Citizenship!

We do believe EdTech in Action should be fun and engaging playground for educators to explore the power of emerging technology to help educators reimagine learning.
Therefore, we tried our best to push the boundaries to bring the emerging technologies to inspire educators to do more with technologies. Here are some amazing technologies we showcased:

Reimagine The Way You Tell Stories with Green Screen + Photography

Suparman, one of the most inspiring public school teachers I’ve met, fearlessly set up a green screen + photography lighting to empower educators to better capture their moments and tell amazing stories. During Suparman’s session, he shared the power of photo editing tools + green screen using free apps you can download on your mobile phone.

We’ve never been so excited to see educators coming to let educators coming to booth exploring new ways of telling stories and capturing moments with green screen we provided at the booth. We shared some of the most powerful apps we use to reimagine the way we capture photos and record moments. We do hope they can replicate what we do here to create more magical moments in school. If you want to see our best moments with green screen at GESS Indonesia, you can check our edited photos with green screen here: http://gg.gg/gessindo2

A New Way of Story-Telling with Tour Creator & Expeditions

Telling stories has never been so exciting with 360 photos & tour creator. It seems impossible in the beginning but Christophorus Ardi Nugroho, an EdTech teacher at private school in Malang, showed the teachers that it is POSSIBLE. Using Tour Creator, Christo shared his passion capturing 360 photos & video and turning them into engaging stories that everyone can enjoy on mobile apps. He successfully introduced a new way of story telling that allow students to immerse themselves into a whole new world of Virtual Reality.

Another amazing speaker at EdTech in Action, Pauline Ang also introduced virtual field trip using Google Expeditions. What I love the most about her presentation is she can show how to lead guided mode of expeditions. Educators can use expeditions to guide students to explore the virtual world in incredible way you never imagined. There is no better time to bring Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality to empower your students becoming digital explorers!

A Safer (+Fun) Way to Explore Internet!

Internet is an amazing place for students to search information, build connection, and share resources. Yet, at the same time, internet is also a completely frightening thing, that’s why we need to help our students and fellow teachers to become responsible digital citizens. Firly and Maryati were one of the most inspiring teachers who successfully introduced Be Internet Awesome curriculum for their teachers and students to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave digital citizens. One of the most exciting thing about their session are participants will not only learn about the curriculum, but they also gain valuable opportunities to explore the ready to use resources, lesson plans, slide, and games they can use to introduce Digital Citizenship curriculum.

If you missed GESS 2019, join us at GESS 2020!

Good news! This is not the end of the excitement. We do hope you won’t miss the opportunity to be energized by champion educators, gain insight by students’ sharing, and experience more fun and innovative playground of learning at GESS Indonesia.

If you’re interested to share your inspiring stories of how you drive changes in technology, join us to become one of our speakers for next year’s EdTech in Action Conference stream, please feel free to email me at steven.sutantro@gmail.com . See you next year!


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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