2019: Small Pieces 🧩 that Make Bigger Picture 🖼️

“It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.”

For me, 2019 is a full of small pieces where I grow, learn, and work out pieces of my passion to draw out the bigger picture which I am starting to see. I can say this is just the beginning of small pieces collection. Through many failures, ups and downs experiences, I can start seeing the bigger pictures of the person I want to become.

Here are some little pieces which probably
might inspire you to start thinking about your own small pieces!
There are my small pieces:

Storytelling with Sketchnotes✏️

Everyone is a born with the capacity to tell stories and I have been looking to find the best medium to channel my inner storytellers and I found sketchnotes are the perfect medium for me to express my true color. This year marks my first journey to maximize the power of sketchnotes by leading sketchnotes workshop, providing workshop tutorial, and leverage my sketchnotes even better! It’s no longer just medium of showcasing ideas but also sharing my passions, stories, and reflections.
It’s not about sketchnotes. It’s about telling your story. What type of medium that suit you to tell your story?

If you think sketchnotes is for you to try, sketchnotes are easier than you think. You can all start it with paper & pencil. Your tablet and stylus. Free apps. Paid apps. The most important thing is : START yours! You can check my recommended apps for you to start sketchnotes tutorial here.

Start Your Innovation💡 Journey

We desperately need more innovators who want to bring spark to our world with the out of the box, practical, and meaningful action. Google for Education provide valuable opportunity to turn your wildest dream of bringing impact to your local community to reality. All you need to do is preparing your best innovation start from now.

This year, I am beyond thankful to be selected to be coaches for the
Google for Education Innovators SEA19 Cohort . It’s definitely priceless opportunity as I learned from the amazing group of champion educators who pushed their boundaries to reimagine education in the way we’ve never thought before! I am genuinely looking forward to see their innovation comes to life in 2020.

Interested to join 2020 Cohort? Check out my tips & what I did at The Innovator Academy 2019: https://edutechers.com/3-tips-to-become-google-certified-innovators/

Do More for Earth 🌏

2019 is a turning point for me as I want to pursue more sustainable and greener life for the sake of earth. Yeah, honestly after 2 years intensively using Google Earth, this year is my starting point to dos something for our earth. There are two moments that deeply inspired me to shift my perspectives about our earth:

YSEALI 2019 Summit

When Pae, YSEALI Coordinator from Thailand invited me to join YSEALI Summit 2019 as mentor and sketchnoters for the event, I was beyond amazed as I met some of the most relentless & fearless leaders in Southeast Asia who fight for sustainable cities & communities.

There were lots of ‘AHA’ moments that leave me speechless & breathless and I know it’s not just because of the event, facility, and event alone it’s because of the mentors, participants, entrepreneurs who really live out what they said about impactful sustainable life. This event truly inspired me to getting my life greener than ever and it’s not as hard as you think. The event perfectly model how we should live sustainably such as using eco-friendly product, reusable bag, and bottle.
It’s something you can do now!

If you want to start your do something more for our cities and communities life, check out my blog post about how you can join the next YSEALI Summit next year here: https://edutechers.com/4-reasons-why-you-need-to-apply-for-yseali-summit/

“We Love the Earth” – Google Earth Education Workshop

There’s saying when we impact teachers, you will never know how far your impact will be because teachers will be the one who will impact younger generations continuously. This is exactly the reasons why I love training teachers because their impact is unimaginable and limitless.

During the event, I was extremely inspired to see the earthmazing group of educators who really implemented out of the box, engaging, practical, and meaningful lessons using Google Earth Education tools.

As these educators bring the tools to do something that matters for community, tourism, and earth sustainability, I believe every classroom can become the starting journey of more sustainable life for our future generation. You need to check crazy lesson plans designed by these amazing group of earthmazing educators here & you are more than welcomed to join our communities here.

Reading More📚

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…”
I believe reading really put crucial piece of puzzle as it shapes the way I reimagine ideas, see from different perspectives, and change mindset. Here’s my favorite books that I completed in 2019! Let me know if you want to know more about the books!

I wrote the book summary from some of the books here:
I look forward to complete more amazing books in 2020!
What’s your favorite books in 2019?

Bring the Future of Learning: Cloud ☁️

There are so many disruptions already happened in our country. Gojek has changed the way we go to different places, get our food, and ticket. Tokopedia has also transformed the way people find stuff through mobile apps. Traveloka has made ticket booking so easy and fun. With so much ‘cloud computing’ impact in the way we live, how about our education? Well there are so many opportunities & online tools you can try but it’s not easy to bring the future of learning to our school.
WHY? A lot of factors.
People. Mindset. Infrastructure. Culture. Policy.
Well it doesn’t stop me doing crazy things to introduce the future of learning to my community. Here are some crazy things:

Mentoring school leaders & Educators
to become Google Certified Educators

Bring VR & AR to Learning

Leading EdTech in Action at GESS Indonesia 2019 Indonesia

It’s my fourth years of leading the conference stream and I have never doubted the power of educators sharing their best practice. From robotic to VR & AR in the classroom, you will learn some of the amazing showcase of the future of learning. Check it out here:

Joining EduTECH Asia 2019 Singapore

It’s been my third year joining the event and without doubt I am very excited to join this conference next year! Getting inspired by forward-thinking leaders, educators, and students who deeply believe the power of creativity, authentic learning, and well-being with the support of technology is something you should definitely be part of. Join me next year! Here’s the recap of the event next year! Let me know if you want to join next year!

Be Internet Awesome:
Fighting Fake News with Google for Education Resources

Sponsored by the US Embassy, we collaborated with young leaders & educators to create lesson plans that focus on preparing our young students to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave internet users. Here’s my experience starting this project & I am very excited to see you all replicating what we did! https://edutechers.com/young-leaders-educators-collaborate-to-fight-fake-news-cyberbullying/

Sharing VR, AR, AI, Screencast Tutorial

Do you want to bring the Future of Learning?

There are amazing tutorials that you can learn to start bring the future of learning. Here are some amazing tips of how you can start your future of learning:
Virtual Reality Apps
Augmented Reality Apps
Artificial Intelligence

Coding Apps
Screen Mirroring with Apple TV
Screencast with Chromecast
Start Your Coding Journey with Microbit
Work Smartly with Google Sheets
Present Your Data with Awesome Table + Google Sites
Create Your Story with Google Earth Story Creation

Finally, That’s how five emojis have represented my smalll pieces in 2019:
Sketchnotes. Innovation. Books. Earth. Cloud.
It definitely will make bigger picture in 2020.
What’s yours?


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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