2018: The Year of Change

Reimagine. Uncomfort. Start. Crazy. Yes. That’s the words I use to describe my 2018 as I begin to reimagine my life to grow, change, and do more and create more this year. Here are the recap of my year of change:

Vlogging : Capturing The Moments

There’re so many life-changing moments during my training and experiences so since the end of 2017, I decided to keep all great memory by recording the highlight of those important moments by vlogging. You can check my full YouTube channel here gg.gg/stevenyoutube

Steven’s YouTube Channel

Tutorial Video

This year I started to create more tutorial video about G Suites & Google Earth to reach out more people who have never got my training. Check out this video!

Share The Biggest Takeaways with Sketchnotes

Many people will probably ask me why and how I started my skecthnotes journey. It all started after I attended Sylvia Duckworth’s session at EdTech Summit Singapore in November 2017. That day I committed myself to record all my biggest takeaways from important events and moments on skecthnotes.

It began in February 2018 where I decided to practice my skecthnotes skills by taking notes of my pastor’s sermon almost each week. Then, I continued to share my biggest takeways from all event I attended with skecthnotes.

Sketchnotes has brought a lot of ‘unexpected’ moment in which I can connect with participants, speakers and organizers of the event in deeper and meaningful connection. Each event I sketchnoted has made me become part of the event. This experiences allowed me to do bigger things to elevate my participation of the event to the level that I’ve never dreamed of.

A post event email featured my sketchnotes

I am still learning till now and I know I will always do. Check out my sketchnotes learning journey by following my instagram @digitalsketchnotesclub !

 Goes to TEDx Ubud 2018

Together with group of teachers from Jakarta, I led ‘TEDxUbud 2018’ tour and gained a lot of new perspectives how TEDx event can be designed in the way you’ve never imagined. TEDx Ubud has totally impressed me with the way they designed the event, organized speakers, and managed the team. Above all, I think Daniella, TEDx organizer has one of the most important ‘x factor’ that make this event stand out and ‘sustainable’ : humilty & excitement. Watch below video to get 5 reasons why you should attend TEDx Ubud next year!

5 Reasons to Attend TEDx Ubud 2018

YSEALI Critical Thinking Workshop

I would never forgot how Mark, one of my best friends in Manila, Philippines messaged me about YSEALI Critical Thinking Workshop. He told me to apply this event together and I did. I have never dreamed of being accepted as one of the participants here but it finally become reality! This event has successfully reunited me with Mark & Roxanne, one of the most talented educator from the Philippines.

For the first time, I also met seven superstar young leaders who inspired me to do greater things for Indonesia. The cool things is: I am gonna meeting them in January 2019 for launching our project!

YSEALI Indonesia Team

4 Days. 4 Sketchnotes. 4ever Inspired!

Extra bonus: My Vlog about the amazing things from this event! Check it out!

Teacher’s Vlog

This year I decided to end my full time teaching career to focus on my education passion. As I realized this farewell, I decided to vlog about my important moments as teacher in my schoool. Here’s one of them:

Silicon Valley Dreams Do Come True!

As you know my passion about educational technology, I’ve always dreamed to visit Silicon Valley, San Fransisco in the US. This dream has become reality as I visit Google HQ in Moutain view & Apple Park: The Headquarter. I was invited by Google Earth Outreach team to attend 2 days of Google Earth Education Expert Global Summit. Check out my vlog here!

Joining Google Earth Education Expert Summit in Mountain View had definitely changed my life forever as I met cool group of educators around the world. From National Geographic Certified Educators to the author of Bring the World to Your Classroom, I am more than inspired to work together with this passionate group of educators to bring the earth ‘more down to earth’!

Google Earth Education Expert
Google Earth Education Workshop Tools & Resources

As Google Earth Education Expert, I am beyond excited to bring the Earth Education to the next level together with superstar educators as we first launched the official Google Earth Education Lesson Plans portal for educators in Indonesia.

Down to Earth Education Workshop

From Math to Art, you will discover the most relevant and contextual lesson ideas that you can adapt directly to your classroom. It’s been amazing year working together with global educators and local educators to bring the best of Google Earth Education tools. You can check the workshop recap here.

EdTech Events Takeaways:

My dream does not stop in Silicon Valley as I know I was destined to share what I’ve learned so I shared all my sketchnotes of the most amazing edtech event I participated this year in sketchnotes:

TED Ed Workshop at Kemendikbud

Check out the recap of TED Ed here: https://edutechers.com/?p=11129

GESS Indonesia 2018

Check out the recap of the GESS Indonesia 2018 here: https://edutechers.com/?p=11134
GESS Indonesia 2018 EdTech In Action Workshop

EduTECH Asia 2018

As one of the most anticipated educational technology conference, this year I brought 30+ educators from Indonesia to get inspired with the most updated technology for education. Here’s the recap of the event:

30+ Educators from Indonesia at EduTECH Asia 2018

Tech In Asia 2018

One of the Most Inspiring Tech events in Asia!

One of my favorite edtech moments is this event is that I can meet and learn different and unique people from educators, investors, lecturers, and students. Learn from these powerful educators has totally helped me to uncover the power of technology to transform teaching and learning.

Full Time Coach at REFO

Starting July 2018, I have resigned my full time teaching job and jumped into the whole new exciting experience: Lead Coach at Tech Transform Coach at the brand new startup : REFO.

It’s crazy decision but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Tech Transform Coach by REFO at SMP Negeri 1 Asembagus, Situbondo

I’ve been thinking to work out my passion to transform institution digitally yet I realize I could never do it alone! I believe to make it happen you must do it together. As a quote saying:

“If you want to go fastgo alone. If you want to go fargo together.” —African Proverb.

Our team is comprised of unique people with special talents. I do believe I can go far with the team as we went from different institutions to bring digital transformation with Google. I look forward to see more schools are Going Google next year!


Since 2012, I start blogging and after 6 years, I believe it’s time to start my own domain: www.edutechers.com to share my best 5T (training, tutorial, takeways, tools, teaching experiences) to inspire more people. Please feel free to explore my blog here to learn from my edtech journey!

Finally, I am eternally grateful for the change that happened in 2018 and I look forward to make more exciting stuff in 2019. More craziness. More change. More dreams will come true next year!


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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