10 Takeaways from My EdTecher Journey part 2

This is the second part of exciting journey of passion !

6. Cultivate Growth MindsetThe Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (6)

Change is one of the hardest thing in the world. Not everyone like changes. But as long as you have growth mindset, you will always want to learn, unlearn, and relearn from reflection of your experiences. Integrating technologies in schools require that mindset as you will not only learn from your students and experiences implementing technology but you will also learn from your friends who have multiple characters.  I always use this pencil metaphor to illustrate people responses on accepting changes.

If you are the first one to adapt technologies, you are called as leader. If you have friends who watch you, grab the bits, and learn from mistakes and do great stuff, they are called the sharp ones. If you have friends who would use tech if someone shows them how to and keep it running, they are called the woods. But life won’t always be easy, you will have friends who will be the ferrules who hold tightly unto what they know. Tech has no place in classroom. Then, you will have friends who become The erasers who undo much or all the work you do. They deny the benefits of technology. Told bad things about what you did. That’s why you need to always cultivate growth mindset who are open to suggestions and reflect from their experiences.

 7. Share Your Inspiration

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (7)

You will never be alone when implementing new technologies. You always have friends who are hunger to learn new technologies. So don’t keep your experiences for yourself. Always sharing your stories and believe me when you share you will learn more than you can imagine. Started in 2013, I started sharing my stories by sending my Social Media ideas paper at International Christian Higher Education Conference at Pelita Harapan University. From that experience, I learned about confidence and courage to write and present paper at a conference.

In 2014, I was challenged to present my Coursera learning experiences with “Gamification in Education” topic. We engaged in meaningful discussion how Gamification can bring positive impact to boost students’ motivation. We learned ideas & implementation from different perspectives. Couples months later, I connected with Laksmi, EdCamp Indonesia founder who started the chapter in Jakarta. Together with passionate friends in Jakarta, I brought EdCamp concept to Jakarta and we had simple, spontaneous, and surprising discussion how we can improve our education quality. The discussion inspired me more than I could imagine. The best teacher learn more than you teach.

8. Let Your Consistency Shine

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (8)

2 years after writing blog, surprisingly I got an honor to win US Embassy Blogging Competition. When I asked the judges who evaluated why they chose my blog, they told me simple answer: Your Consistency. From that moment, I challenged myself to shine my consistency. I applied as the 1st TED Ed Club Facilitator and initiated the 1st TED Ed Club in my school. Also, another opportunity come again. I was selected to apply Google Teacher Academy. I was never expected that they will choose me as the one and only Google Certified Teacher from Indonesia. From that moment, I realized: Consistency is too strong to be hiden.

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (9)

9. Form/Join A Community of Passion

After everything I learned and got, it’s time to do something for your city and community. This is the turning point when I started a community of passion : Google Educator Group West Jakarta to help teachers who have passion to learn technology but do not know where, when, and to whom you can learn technology. It’s officially supported by Google. Inspired and Implemented by educators independently. We had amazing activities such as Workshop, Photowalk, and Meetup that designed by, from, and for teachers. We want to create the best Professional Development that teachers deserve.

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (10)

10. Be Divergent

 Final thing, I learned as EdTech this year is be divergent teacher. No matter what subject you teach, be open to connect and collaborate with community and organization. Recently, I worked together with YouTube Indonesia to share what I have experienced by integrating YouTube in my class. Even though I am not a special YouTube creators, I challenged myself to learn from other YouTube Creators who created amazing video for people to learn. Besides that, I just connect and collaborate with people who created Educational Technology startup at EdTech Indonesia events. Well again I am not EdTech Startup Founder but learning from them is one of the best lifetime experiences. Do not fear learning new things! Do not let your fear shut you down. It should wake you up!

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa

Finally, you may forget everything that I achieved but please learn from my 10 takeaways from my edtech journey. I don’t know which values you can practice in your daily life but you can start simple action that make a difference.

If you want to start changes, believe me, it doesn’t come from government/corporation, it comes from a small group of thoughtful & committed citizens like all of you who read this post.

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Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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