10 Takeaways from My EdTecher Journey part 1

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (12)

I’m always excited to meet educators who share the same passion to learn & share my journey as teachers who love playing and working with the full power of technology!

Today, I will share 10 takeaways from my EdTech journey. Here we go:

1. Grow your Passion

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (13)

I remember when I graduated from Pelita Harapan University 4 years ago and as you know, when we graduated from university, you came out with your idealism and the best passion you’ve ever had. But as time goes by, the passion tend to be weaker and weaker. and disappear.

That’s not what happen to me. As time goes by, the passion tend to be greater and greater. Each monday, I was challenged to find something new and exciting with my students. Day by day, I cultivate my passion as teacher who are more curious to try and work on innovation. It’s getting bigger and bigger entering my fourth year of teaching.

Never underestimate the power of passion.It’s the power that boost you to think and reach unlimited experience. It’s the thing that makes you do something more than a job. It makes you unstoppable to give meaning on what you are doing as teacher. You are about to see the power of passion.

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa

2. Reverse Assumption

My first year of teaching is not far from the perfect year. It’s full of messy stuff as an effect of my passion.  Mistakes, weakness, and stressful moments come as something did not run as what I expected. Many things seem do not make any sense. Something wrong’s been repeated over and over again. Negative assumption are everywhere. But I keep challenging the norm. I keep thinking, acting, and moving in different direction. I keep asking why and why things are not changing. You know why the reason behind this? because I love this career and I want to reverse assumption of being teacher is something fixed, boring, and rigid. It’s something dynamic, energizing, and creative. It keeps people you young. 🙂

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3. Create Your PD (Professional Development)

Don’t wait until someone makes PD for you. Don’t expect government and school and anyone create PD for you.Create PD that you deserve.  I still remember this famous quote from my favorite teacher: Jennie Magiera who always inspire me to challenge status quo. Coursera provides one of the best teacher professional development that you can use to update with the latest development of the world of teaching and learning. It will give you a free certificate if you finish the courses. I joined a lot of courses in education. I strongly recommend you joining the specialization program : Virtual Teacher Program & Foundation of Teaching Program as it will help you shaping excellent Professional Development that you deserve.

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4. Be a Role Model

As I learned a lot of digital technology in my own Professional Development (Coursera, Seminar, Workshop), I can’t wait to implement all that I learned in my class. Just wait! Before you bring everything to the class, you need to be strong role model who practicing using the technology. You need to set examples of how all digital technologies can benefit your life. You can start simple by:

1. Writing a blog : In 2012, I started writing blog : edutechpost.wordpress.com, I try my best to be consistent blogger who posting at least one post a month. Usually, I post my teaching experiences, reflection, essay on coursera, valuable PD experiences, and life-sharing moments on my blog. So, in 3 years of writing blog, what do I get? Limitless learning experiences: documentation, writing, organization, design, and sharing skills. Even though, at first, people laughed at me, said me doing something useless, and all that negative stuff, all I can say: it’s one of the best hobby that changes my life. You will see the real impact in the 8th point of this takeaways.

2. Share your thought with social media : Use twitter, facebook, instagram, google+, and all social media that could give you opportunity to learn, share, inspire, and empower yourself and other people. Explore how you can use it for educational purpose.

3. Networking with other educators: Believe it or not, I know some fantastic people who have same passion with me through social media. I learn a lot from so many inspiring educators who impact so many life here. You will never believe how social media can connect you with the most awesome content and collaborator that open up door of opportunity.

All I can say, you need to be role model who use technology for trying new relevant ideas that show how you can use the full power of technology for the best life experiences ever.

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5. Involve, Integrate, Inspire

After being an excellent model, it’s time to bring your digital lifestyle to your students.  Involve your students to use technology for positive uses. Start with simple use. What I did is actually pretty simple. We did common recycle & simulation project. The thing that make it different is we involve students using simple camera to capture their works. With beautiful touch of photo editor, they edited the photos and uploaded their work in social media such as Twitter & YouTube. Integrating technology in your lesson should be kept simple as technology is a tool, not a learning outcome. We don’t specifically learn how to edit photos in deeper, but we want to inspire students to realize that technology can benefit them:

1. Document their work in digital format that more go green.

2. Motivate them to bring out the best as their work will be published through all over the world.

3. Inspire & Get inspired : Students could inspire students and teachers who want to learn about litosphere anywhere and anytime with Youtube. Additionally, they also get inspired from the other students/teachers who commented on their YouTube channel.

Till finally, in 2013, I initiated digital media club that help students to think BIGGER how they can use social media. It’s an extracurricular program that challenge students to change the way they use social media. Amplifying the voice.

Wait, sorry it’s not the end. It’s still the beginning of the journey of unstoppable passion.

To be continue.


Steven is a life long learner and multi-award educational technology coach with international certifications from Google, Apple, National Geographic, TED Ed, Google Earth Education, EdTech Team, EduTECH Asia, Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative, US Embassy, Tech in Asia, and many international and local institutions.

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