If you are in Philippines, you should try these recommended local food!

Pork Tocino at Conti’s

Pork Tocino is a traditional Filipino breakfast
made with pork slices cured in salt, pepper, and garlic!

Philippines Fast food at JollyBee

Must Try Filipino Fast Food: Super Sweet Spaghetti,
Fried Chicken & Burger with Mushroom Sauce

Pork Adobo & Bangus at Commune Cafe

Pork Adobo : Marinated Pork

Bangus : Marinated milkfish

Turon: Sweet & Crunchy Banana at Barrio Fiesta

Turon : Crunchy Banana Lumpia Served with Ice Cream

Islas Pinas – All You Can Eat Philippines Cuisine

Must Visit Restaurant located near to the airport! Perfect place to end your journey with all you can eat Philippines food!
Fishcake Snacks at Isla Pinas
Pancit Batil : Special Noodle
Pork Soup
Leche Flan – Caramel Puding & Cake
Halo-halo is a mélange of crushed ice, nata de coco, beans, sago pearls, jelly, sweetened saba banana, sweet potato, coconut, ube (purple yam) jam, evaporated milk, leche flan, ube ice cream, jackfruit, and fried pinipig (flattened immature rice grains). 

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